e.l.f. professional Powder Puffs
e.l.f. professional Powder Puffs

e.l.f. professional Powder Puffs

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Poduct information

Soft, cottony puffs make powder application flawless and easy.

Great for quick touchups and eliminating shine.

Contains four powder puffs.

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Made in China




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these are super thin and they shed lint which doesn't go away after multiple uses. will not buy again.

I bought these with high hopes because the price is right, but they are too thin and just don't feel right when applying pressed power. They fit into compacts just fine and they don't shed lint, but a regular cotton round would be a more economical choice than these puffs.

I think its okay since its cheap but not good quality. probably won't last as long but it's cheap so its good for travel or use once in a while.