CoverGirl Make-Up Masters Sponge Puffs
CoverGirl Make-Up Masters Sponge Puffs

CoverGirl Make-Up Masters Sponge Puffs

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For smooth, natural application of foundation and powder

Cover Girl sponge puffs are the secret for remarkably smooth and natural application of foundation or powder. Use as replacement sponges for Cover Girl Ultimate Finish or any foundation of powder.

Made in Malaysia




Pro Tip: Dot Cover Girl make - up on forehead, cheeks, and chin. Use the smooth side of the sponge to sweep foundation from the center of the face outwards, blending well at the jawline and hairline. For the sheerest coverage, use a slightly damp sponge.

Sponge Care: Wash with anti - bacterial soap and water. Dry completely before use.

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These make up sponges are wonderful....if they were a little bit bigger, they would be perfect.

I usually use a tear drop shaped sponge and figured I would switch to these.

The texture and quality is great.

I really enjoy using the makeup sponge. I usually use it every day.

It is nice and soft against your skin and aids applying your makeup or rouge very smooth or evenly.

These are great, they are easy to use, last through several washings and the shape makes them easer to use than round sponges. I definitely recommend them very highly.