Ardell Trim & Shape Grooming Tool
Ardell Trim & Shape Grooming Tool

Ardell Trim & Shape Grooming Tool

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Brow Trim & Shape is an easy and convenient no-mess tool perfect for trimming and shaping eyebrows.

The unique design helps prevent cuts, nicks and irritation of delicate skin. Also perfect for use on face, neck, arms, and bikini area.



Contains 3 Disposable Razors

Made in China



To ensure a smooth, clean shave, we recommend shaving immediately after bathing while hair is soft and skin is moist. Rinse razor thoroughly and frequently with warm water while shaving. Replace protective cap after each use. Do not wipe or scrape blade edge

For Trimming Brows: Comb brow hairs up towards hairline. Shaving in direction of hair growth, trim any lengthy or unwanted hairs.

For Shaping Brows: To achieve a perfect arch, use an eye pencil and our Brow Perfection Stencils to outline desired brow shape. Apply shaving lotion or baby oil to area being shaved. Place razor against skin and shave in the direction that feels most comfortable, relathering as necessary. Rinse thoroughly, then pat skin dry. Apply moisturizer.

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It's not very sharp and a little difficult to use. I probabaly wouldn't buy it again.

I have used all the brands available to this area and these are the best. The design works perfectly for me

I love this razor. Its easy to use. If you don-t like using a sharp razor on your skin this is the one to try. The smaller shape of the cutting blade makes it less likely to make mistakes. It's great for soft skin that is easily cut.