IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test
IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test

IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test

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Proven Over 90% Accurate*

Get Clear Results in 10 Minutes!

IntelliGender's Gender Prediction Test (G.P.T.) is designed for easy home use by expectant mothers curious about their baby's gender. G.P.T. is a simple-to-use urine test that can be performed as early as 6 weeks following the first day of your missed period and provides clear results in just 10 minutes!

Patent Pending.

For questions or comments, call 877-3-GENDER or visit

*In Laboratory Tests.



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I liked the test. It was acurate for me. Follow directions and it should be just fine. Some of the directions are just funny, but just do as said. It is as described, so don't take it to be 100%. Go have fun and enjoy the posibilities.

I followed the instructions perfectly and it said I was having a boy. I ended up having a girl. Don't waste your money!

I have bought and used this test three times for 3 different pregnancies, 3 of my friends have bought this test and all our results have been right. It was easy to do (you just pee) and the results are almost immediate. I would not rely on this test for 100% accuracy, it does state it is in the 90% range not 100% but it is great for some fun and cheap enough that if it is wrong, so what!! If you want to know the gender you can't find out until 20 weeks anyway with an ultrasound and so for [$]this is I think a great way to tell you what the odds are. In reference to previous reviews, it does say in the enclosed leaflet not to rely solely on this test. I would definitely recommend this to a friend and have and I believe they have recommended it to friends too.