Durex Lubricated Latex Condoms, Tropical Premium
Durex Lubricated Latex Condoms, Tropical Premium

Durex Lubricated Latex Condoms, Tropical Premium

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World's #1 Condom Brand!

Assorted colors and luscious flavors

Effective against pregnancy, HIV (AIDS) & STDs

Made from natural rubber latex

Reservoir end

Nominal width: 52mm

100% electronically tested

Durex Tropical Condoms come in a variety of colors with exciting flavors and scents.

Assorted colors add variety

Assorted flavored & scented lubricants add excitement to lovemaking

Each condom is electronically tested for reliability

If used properly, Durex latex condoms will help reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancies and catching or spreading HIV infection (AIDS) and many other sexually transmitted diseases. No method of contraception can provide 100% protection against pregnancy or HIV (AIDS) and STDs. Non-vaginal use of condoms can increase the potential of them slipping or being damaged. Please consult your physician for advice. During intimate contact, lesions and various body fluids can transmit STDs. Therefore, use a new condom before any such contact occurs.

Durex, the world's leading condom brand, with over 75 years of quality experience.

Questions? visit durex.com

12 Lubricated Premium Latex Condoms



For maximum benefit carefully follow the instructions inside this package.

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Loved these...smell good, tastes good, but my bf had the hardest time getting them on.

All three flavors taste great, and provide great sensation. They're also strong and stay in place. Highly recommended.

We enjoyed the scent upon opening the package, but they were too tight to get on. They get three stars anyway for not having that latex smell.