Clearblue Easy Pregnancy Test
Clearblue Easy Pregnancy Test

Clearblue Easy Pregnancy Test

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Poduct information

Results 5 days sooner**

Over 99% Accurate* from the day of your expected period

Changes color to let you know its working

Clearblue Easy helpline - toll-free Monday - FridayВ В  1-800-321-EASYВ В  Our professional staff is available to assist you.

*99% accurate at detecting typical pregnancy hormone levels.В  Note that hormone levels vary.В  See insert.В В 

**Testing EarlyВ Clearblue Easy can be used as early as 4 days before you expect your period.В  That's 5 days sooner than waiting until you miss your period to test.В  The amount of pregnancy hormone increases rapidly in early pregnancy.В  In clinical testing with early pregnancy samples, Clearblue Easy gave the results shown on the side of the packaging.



Read instructions in full before use. Store at 36В° - 86В°F (2В° - 30В° C). Do not freeze.

For in-vitro diagnostic use only (not for internal use).

Take the test - If testing early, use the first urine of the day. Hold the Color Sure Tip in your urine stream for 5 seconds. The tip will quickly turn pink to show that urine is being absorbed. Continue to hold the tip in the urine for the full 5 seconds.

Read you results - Within 2 minutes, your result will be displaced in a clear + or -

+ = pregnant

- = not pregnant

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Yeah, go ahead and skip this one... the tests are very unreliable. I tried to buy a cheaper alternative, so I bought this test (after hearing that all tests are created equal -- NEWSFLASH: they're not!). I tested with all the ones on the box, on several days leading up to my missed period and they all came out negative... in fact, one of them never registered a result, at ALL. I finally got First Response tests after failing with E.P.T. as well. As it turned out, I am pregnant. Save your money and just buy the expensive ones right off the bat... you'll save yourself the stress and money in the long run!

So first of all, the test right out of the package showed a blue line across the result window. NOT GOOD. Used a new test...I used the test exactly as read, only 5 seconds in the urine stream. Put the test down flat, waited 2 minutes. Very blurry lines...decided to wait another 2 minutes...a little more clear but blurry lines still...then finally after about 6 minutes I start to see a HALF of a plus. Yeah, it showed vertical line on bottom but not on the top. What does that mean? It leaves me uncertain. Now I do not know whether or not I'm pregnant, only have 1 test left since the first was broken and spent [$] on this piece of junk. I usually test with the [...] brand but there was a recall on them so I decided to use this. So I'm going to eventually end up spending another $15 or so to buy a BETTER test!

I took this test 4 days prior to my missed period and it was negative. The day before my missed period I developed a super sensitive sense of smell so I took the test the next day and it was positive. I re-took the test 4 days later and it was still positive. My ob/gyn later confirmed I was in fact pregnant.